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7 Apartment Decorating and Small Living Room Ideas

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Want to create the right impression on your guests? Do you want your neighbors to know about your eclectic taste? Well, you have to take the expenses to paint the whole home. You can customize the living room, make it unique and use it as a canvas to showcase your lively style and personality.

Don't worry about the budget. Painting is a resourceful way that can add magic to your home without creating a financial burden for you. It has the potential to make the living room lively and fun. Here are some painting ideas to help you create MAGIC in the living room:

· M - Wall painting

Do you want a single piece of art in the living room? You can use murals to conceptualize and create a mural on the wall. You can give your creative ideas and do it to show your personality. You can choose modern styles or classic ones. If you are a nature lover, ask the artist to paint a flower theme, botanical print, animal stem, etc. You can even choose a soothing beach painting to provide a quiet atmosphere in the room.

· A - accent walls

Are you ready for a bold color in the living room? But do you think it would be too much for the entertaining area of ​​your home? You have an option in the form of an accent wall. It can be the center of the living room and an attraction center for the guests. If you are a color lover, you can apply multiple colors to the accent wall. Think of stripes or blocked stickers to create a beautiful accent wall. You can also consider wood pallets or wallpaper for the accent wall.

· G - geometric pattern

Geometric patterns never go out of style! If you want to add a splash of color to the living room, a geometric pattern is the best way to do it. Choose either a wall for the pattern or just part of the wall and create a perfect conversation piece. You don't have to stick to simple lines. You can make a bold statement with geometric patterns. Choose a dark color with a muted color to make a subtle but strong statement. On the other hand, you can go out with bright colors for a geometric pattern to make it look modern and fancy.

· I - Innovative alternatives

Do you want something as unique as your personal style? Why not consider the following innovative painting options for the living room?

  1. A custom message can be a perfect way to make a bold statement.
  2. Choose a typographic design for the living room and paint a large monogram on the wall to give it a personal look.
  3. You can blur the boundaries between ceilings and walls using the ombre effect.
  4. Faux molding and faux wood designs can create an elegant look in the living room without the need for an unreasonable budget.
  5. Paint the room in stripes of different widths. You can choose bold colors to emphasize the lively atmosphere. Also think about chevron print.
· C - Color the ceiling; Color the floor

Think more than the walls when it comes to the living room. You can paint the ceiling and floor in beautiful colors to welcome guests with a riot of colors.

For the roof, consider a sky theme. You can even paint the ceiling in a light shade and choose lighter shades of the same color for the walls. In addition, stripes or freehand patterns for the ceiling are trendy.

Painting the floor is the easiest way to add a make-up to the living room. If you have a concrete floor, you can paint it in a color or create a checkered look to make the living room fun. Alternatively, you can go for free hand design or stencil construction for a beautiful floor. You can dye the concrete for a wood effect or a natural stone effect.

Painting the living room is a huge investment. Not only will you spend money on it, you will also put your reputation on the line. If you make a mistake, you will ruin the look of the room. So make sure you think about several ideas and talk to different painting contractors before making a decision.